Admin —  October 17, 2013


We offer a wide range of activities to promote your child’s personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language skills which are play based. These include role play, messy play, outdoor play and risk taking.  Your child will have the opportunity to play indoors or outdoors in our secure garden with a range of small and large equipment.

Outings and Visitors

Whilst they are at the Playcentre, we offer your child various visits to places in the local vicinity such as the Library, the shops and the beach.  We also have lots of visitors who come in to talk to the children. These include the local Fire Brigade, the Police, Nurses and other professionals.

Multi-Cultural Events

We are a Pre-School based primarily on Christian values but we also recognise that we live in a multi cultural society, therefore we give the children a taste of other faith’s cultures and festivals such as Diwali, Hanukkah and Chinese New Year. At Christmas we always have a Nativity Play to celebrate the birth of Jesus, in which every child is involved and all parents/carers are invited to watch.

Pre-School Children

Twice a week we offer two sessions to our pre-school children where we have extra activities to prepare them for school. These include PE sessions, Lunch Club, outings to the Library and the beach. We also focus on basic literacy and numeracy skills. To find out more about how we get children ready for school click here.

Beach Explorers

Throughout the year we walk the Pre-School children to the local beach in small groups. We explore the environment learning about nature, developing learning independence and having lots of fun! We would love help from parents to do this, as our ratio is 2 children to one adult. This ensure the safest and most productive learning environment for the children. If you are able to be involved in these trips please speak to Wendy or Sally.