Frequently Asked Questions

Admin —  August 18, 2014

Q. How can I pay my invoice?

A. You can choose to pay weekly or 4 weekly by cash, cheque or with credit/debit cards. Standing Orders may be set up to pay weekly or monthly.

Q. Do you cater for additional needs (Special Educational Needs & Disability – SEND)?

A. Yes, we have an Inclusion Coordinator who will support your child. Click Additional Needs in the menu for more information.

Q. Do I have to pay when we go on holiday or if my child is ill?

A. For children attending year-round, we offer a 50% reduction for up to 4 weeks a year to allow for holidays (this does not include any Free Entitlement sessions, or children who are term-time only). If your child is sick and cannot attend, you still pay for those sessions (as outlined in the Parent’s Agreement).

Q. What do I do if my child has an infectious illness (e.g. Chicken Pox)?

A. Please do not bring your child back to nursery until the spots have scabbed over. In the case of sickness and diarrhoea please keep your child at home until they have had no symptoms for 48 hours. For any other infectious condition please get advice from the Doctor and inform the nursery.

Q. Can I book my child for extra sessions ad-hoc?

A. Yes, if you ask us in advance we can check to see if we have availability for that session. It will then be charged on your next invoice.

Q. Will my children be able to mix with their siblings in the nursery?

A. Yes, children have the opportunity to go into other age-group rooms.

Q. Can I pick up my child before their session is due to end / drop off my child late?

A. Yes—but you will still be charged for those sessions.

Q. Do you have visits out of the nursery?

A. Yes. For example, we have visited the Lifeboat Station, and we can use Hedgehog Hollow (opposite the Centre) all the time, as long as we have signed permission from you.

Q. Exactly what sessions are there, and what do they involve?

A. Sessions are as follows:

  • 8-9am: Breakfast session
  • 9am-12pm: Core a.m. session (snack included)
  • 12-1pm: Lunch session
  • 1-4pm: Core p.m. session (snack included)
  • 4-6pm: Tea session

Q. Are the meals cooked on the premises?

A. Yes, all the food is freshly cooked by our chef.

Q. What is included in the price?

A. Food (if paying for meal session),drinks and snacks are included for all children.

Nappies and wipes are included for under 3’s only.

Q. What is the ratio of staff : children?

A.  The ratios are as follows:

  • 0-2 yrs – 1:3
  • 2-3 years – 1:4
  • 3 years plus – 1:8

Q. Are observations ever done on the children?

A. Yes, we keep children’s records which include observations and details for their profile.