Wickbourne Nursery

Admin —  February 27, 2013

Welcome to the nursery

The Play Centre at Wickbourne is part of Arun Community Church and provides teaching, learning and support that is sympathetic to the Christian faith. The Play Centre has recently been rated as “Good” by Ofsted to find out more you can read the official report

Our Principles and Values

  • Creating a warm family atmosphere that is caring and secure.
  • Recognising that each child is unique and special, we welcome everyone from all cultures and with all abilities.
  • Providing the safe opportunity for the stimulation of a child’s natural curiosity indoors and out.
  • Appreciating that we all learn in different ways.
  • Providing the best environment for quality learning of each child to take place.

Our Mission Statement


Together we are a creative team that makes a difference to families, providing a safe environment that encourages children’s independence & natural curiosity at the beginning of their journey in life and education.

Our mission statement sums up our approach to teaching & learning and below are the key points of our Teaching and Learning Policy:

  • Children learn best in a stimulating environment where first hand experiences are provided wherever possible.
  • Children’s independence is promoted by encouraging them to attempt activities for themselves and by having resources labelled and accessible for them to choose.
  • Good quality learning occurs through play and in a context that is relevant to the child.
  • We recognise that the process is often far more important for their learning than the end result.
  • We want to encourage the children to develop the skills necessary for future learning, such as problem solving and curiosity.
  • We are good role models.
  • We set consistent boundaries to enable children to feel safe and secure.
  • We have high expectations of the children in terms of their learning and their behaviour.