If you’ve been coming along to Arun Community Church and would like to make a commitment to being part of the church family, please speak to one of the Leadership Team on a Sunday. Here are some FAQ’s about membership the you might like to consider.


  1. Why do you have membership in the church? 

We want to be an inclusive church to which anyone can belong. After regularly coming to Sunday meetings or mid-week groups people may feel that they want to commit to this church community. The next step would be to meet up with one of the leadership team to chat about commitment and membership with a view to becoming a member.


  1. Is membership in the Bible? 

Not as such, but commitment to a group of people living life authentically and honestly is all in the Bible. Membership is also very helpful practically and aids communication.


  1. What could I expect if I became a member? 

The leaders are committed to seeing you grow and become all that God has called you to be. Membership is a commitment to serve together and be involved. The expectations of a member is that they give time and money to help the church grow and positively impact our community.


  1. What happens when you ask to become a member? 

We have a members booklet for anyone who is interested in membership. This outlines membership in more detail and gives a history of the church. When someone becomes a member we ask them to provide a photo and short introduction of themselves for the church newsletter, as this lets everyone know who they are.


  1. Do I have to do what the leaders say if I become a member? 

Our intention as a leadership team is that we never control anyone. However it’s also our responsibility to protect and guide. Trust is huge when it comes to leadership and we appreciate that people may have been hurt in the past. It is important for you to think for yourself as to whether the leaders are people you can trust and whether you can come under their authority. If not, then it is best not to become a member.


  1. What happens if I want to leave the church and not be a member? 

There are a variety of reasons why people leave churches, but we always encourage open communication and conversation in both good and difficult times. If you choose to leave we would love to thank you for the time you spent here and pray for your future.


  1. I am afraid to commit to church, what if I get hurt?  

No relationship is perfect because we are all imperfect people. We all get it wrong at times, but as a church we are all trying our best to follow Jesus. We believe that forgiveness, not holding grudges, being honest and kind, and saying sorry is important in any community, especially one that tries to love each other as God loves us.


  1. If I commit to church will you take loads of my money? 

Money is something Jesus spoke a lot about. We believe in giving money to the church, but there are no strict rules. Some people give 10% of their income, some more, some less. This money is used to fund work in the community and overseas, pay the church’s employees who outwork the vision (currently over 50 people) and also covers the expenses of running events and meetings on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. A detailed report of where the money is being spent is available on request. Nobody is forced to give but we want to encourage each other to be the most generous people we can be.


  1. Is it good to become a member? 

We believe it is good to be committed to a group of people. Though we live in a consumerist society we want to offer a better way of living by being a community full of participators, not spectators. Many of our meetings and activities can only happen if people get involved. That does not mean everyone who participates has a public role, but we believe everyone has something unique and important to give. The Bible describes the people who make up the church as being like different parts of the body that work together to make a whole (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). Membership is about changing from being a guest to becoming a member of the family, and we love to welcome people into the vibrant, loving and generous family that is Arun Community Church.


We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith, available online here.