Kids & Youth

Admin —  May 14, 2012

Arun Kids & Youth is the children’s and youth work of Arun Community Church. Our vision is to empower all young people to be the best they can be, living life to the full. We do this through a variety of activities that aim to support their spiritual, social, and personal needs.

Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do.

  • POSITIVE: we believe in young people. We respect them and stand up for them. We are optimistic about who they are and who they will become in future.
  • SUPPORTIVE: we are relational. We encourage and inspire young people, but we also share in their challenges and walk with them in their difficulties.
  • INCLUSIVE: we welcome everyone. We aim to create places where young people can belong, regardless of background or beliefs.

We define our activities for children and young people in three categories:

  • FAITH: to explore Christianity, allowing children and young people to discover
 a relationship with Jesus Christ and develop a deeper confidence in owning and sharing their beliefs.
  • COMMUNITY: to provide positive social and learning opportunities for all children and young people within the wider community, regardless of faith.
  • SCHOOL: to support schools in providing creative lessons, assemblies and activities that enhance formal learning for students, particularly around faith and spirituality.

Code of Conduct

We have an ACCelerate Code of Conduct which we expect all children and young people to stick to.

  1. Show respect to others: No name calling, swearing, fighting or bullying – even if you’re only playing!
  2. Show respect to the building and equipment: Take care and tell us if something is broken or damaged.
  3. No alcohol or drugs: Don’t use them or bring them to any activity.

Breaking this code may mean you are asked to leave and your parent/carer may be contacted.


ACCelerate works in partnership with a large number of organisations including:

Additionally we are supported by the generous work of BBC Children In Need & The Joseph Rank Trust.