Admin —  March 4, 2013

ACCelerate Membership is for young people aged 11-18 who attend any of our activities and costs £1.

Why Membership?

Some of our activities cost money to attend. Becoming an ACCelerate Member gives you discount entry to all our paid activities including Rustington Youth Centre, Southfields Youth Drop-In, Keystone Youth Centre, and other special events.


Here are the current list of discounts available to ACCelerate members. Simply show your wristband to get the discount.

  • Half price entry (50p) at Southfields Youth Drop-In!
  • Half price entry (50p) at Rustington Youth Centre!
  • Half price entry (50p) at Keystone Youth Centre!
  • 50p off any hot drink at Refresh Coffee Shop!

How do I Join?

It’s easy! Simply fill out the form below or come along to one of our activities and complete a paper form. Once you’ve paid your £1, we’ll then give you a member’s wristband in your choice of green or blue. Every time you come along, just show us your wristband to get a discount!

Sign Up!

  • We expect all ACCelerate Members to follow our Code of Conduct and our values of being Positive, Supportive and Inclusive.
    1. 1) Show respect to others: No name calling, swearing, fighting or bullying – even if you’re only playing!
    2. 2) Show respect to the building and equipment: Take care and tell us if something is broken or damaged.
    3. 3) No alcohol or drugs: Don’t use them or bring them to any activity.
    Breaking this code may mean you are asked to leave and your parent/carer may be contacted.