East Preston Youth Club 17/11/17

Dear Parent/Carer/Young Person,

Over the past few months, we have had an increase in the amount of litter and young people smoking on the school site that the youth club operates from. We have to clear the site each week of litter and cigarette butts which is a waste of valuable time for our youth workers. The school is a non-smoking site as it’s West Sussex County Council property so I’d be grateful if you could be aware in future of the litter and smoking problems we’re having.

As a result of these issues, we’re going to have a different session this Friday (17/11/17). We will be closing the centre and completing voluntary litter picking in areas of East Preston. We’d love some young people to join us in cleaning up the community and hope that it reminds young people that litter and cigarette butts being left on site after youth club is unnecessary and takes time to clear up. We will be completing this as detached youth work and will not be signing young people in/out of the activity. Young people are free to attend if they wish, and should come to the youth centre for 7pm (remember to wrap up warm!). We will be finished by 8pm.

What is detached work?
It is youth work which takes place away from buildings or other provision primarily intended for the use of young people. Instead, it happens in areas which young people might identify as their own ground (parks, cafes, shopping centres for example). Detached youth work targets those young people who either choose not to use youth work provisions such as youth clubs and projects and our aim is to work with young people to create positive change in their community.

The rights of young people
All good youth work is voluntarily engaged by the young person. It is important for youth workers to be aware that young people are allowed to reject the offer of detached work. Therefore, we would love young people to come and help us with this project, but we will not tell young people they have to get involved.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Ben Young

Arun Youth Projects Manager | M: 07834223001 | W: 01903 782744