This week we welcome Phil, Sarah, Helga and Marjorie into Membership of the Church:

Phil and Sarah Muir along with their 8 year old son Luke have moved from Shaftesbury in Dorset. When living in Shaftesbury, they attended ST Paul’s in Sal

isbury for 2 years.  Previous to that they attended Father’s House church for 11 years. They were actively involved in church life and lead worship at ST Paul’s and Father’s House.

They now live in East Preston. They have moved here because Sarah has taken up an NHS post as an Occupational Therapist in Worthing on the community mental health team.

Helga Weinmann:
I came over to England in 1992, where my youngest son Cody was born. I have two sons, both adults now.  We lived in Horsham where my sons attended Trafalgar School and the moved up to Greenway school. We attended the Methodist Church for a while whilst living in Horsham . After a while we settled in East Preston. Where we spent many years during Keith and Cody’s schooling at Angmering.   I eventually found a job with Charles Kirk in Goring by Sea, where I’ve been happily working for the pas 10 years now

It was Keith who heard the calling of God first, he was baptised at Arun Church and after a while I started attending the Arun Church myself. I found my church family there, everyone was so welcoming, caring and genuine.

I was baptised last April after doing an Alpha course, and started attending a Pod group led by Pam, and have grown in my faith week by week.  God has worked wonders in our lives since I gave him control of my life.

Marjorie Weinmann:
I am originally from South Africa and moved to the United Kingdom in 1990. Settled in Horsham and moved to East Preston in 2000. I have been in and around the area since then. In 2005 I fancied doing something different so moved to Spain working in Gibraltar for 10 years before retiring and coming back to the UK.

I  started to go to Arun Church around January 2015. Keith my grandson introduced me to the church. I have found that I have been welcomed into the church family and the support I have received has been great. I moved to Littlehampton at the end of 2015 and live with my daughter Helga who has been a great source of support to me and have joined a life pod group that is held at our home every week. I have found that been in this group it has given me encouragement in my journey in following God. I have learnt to forgive and accept forgiveness and feel this has made us a stronger as a family. I have recently joined the welcome team on Sunday mornings and am a befriender for CAP which I find very rewarding. I look forward to meeting new people and putting names to faces.