Monsoon rains across the southwest of Sri Lanka have caused the worst flooding in over 14 years, displacing more than half a million people and killing close to 200. Those who have been rendered homeless are currently being housed in schools, churches and similar buildings in safe places. In certain areas the flood waters reached as high as 10 to 15 feet. Transport in these areas has come to a standstill, electricity disconnected and the armed forces are still engaged in rescue operations.

Together with Links International we are working with Sri Lankan partners who are on the frontline, changing lives and transforming communities. One particular partner Ranjan Fernando of United Christian Fellowship Sri Lanka (UCFSL) reported to us that their church and community centres had been completely flooded by the rains. However, despite this tragic and incredibly difficult situation our partners are responding, sending out flood relief and providing shelter to the hundreds of families that have been left homeless. It is imperative that we act quickly to lift up our brothers and sisters and to help them move forward from surviving this tragedy, to rebuilding their lives and communities.

As a church we are giving £1000 from our Mission budget but also want to give an opportunity during this Sunday’s services to take an offering to go towards Links International’s Sri Lanka Flood Appeal. Please give generously.

Becca Jupp & Joe Gisbey