This Sunday 2nd July David Nairne will be selling bacon and sausage rolls before and after the meeting to raise funds for his trip to Romania. David, Toby Harsant, Elijah Debnam, Poppy Hooper and other students from TLA will be working with children in the Romany community in two villages in Romania from 20th – 29th July. Please come and enjoy a bacon or sausage roll and support David on Sunday morning. Thank you.

This week we welcome Steve & Jane Bridgeman into Membership of the Church:

We were both born in Cambridge but a year apart. As pre-schoolers we lived in a village called ‘Over’ near Cambridge and both attended the Baptist chapel. Steve’s parents became Christians and took their family to church. Jane was brought up in a Christian home. We belonged to a very active Covenanters group and were taken to many youth events where we were introduced to Jesus and invited to follow Him.

Steve: An initial fear of death developed into a conviction that Jesus could give me eternal life and when a drummer with a wooden leg asked if anyone wanted to give their life to Jesus, I did. So I did!

Jane: I watched friends go up at altar calls but never felt able to go forward myself. I knew that I believed in God and Jesus but I needed to make a commitment to him. God was calling me and it was uncomfortable. After a Bible study one night, when I was 16, I went home and quietly prayed for forgiveness and committed myself to loving and following Jesus. I remember a sense of peace.

When we were 16 and 17 we were baptised, I even made a special effort to be nice to Steve (it didn’t seem right to continue actively disliking the person who was being baptised with me), I tried so hard that we began to get on and the inevitable happened… We were married in 1987, four children followed: Joseph 25 (doctor), Naomi 24 (just off to Japan to teach English in a high school), Elena 20, (studying Events Management at Winchester Uni) and Archie 16 (studying at Christ’s Hospital school).

Steve: Having been very involved in the churches we have attended, God seems to be making me look through the church walls at the world outside and long for God’s power and love to impact everyone and for social justice to flourish in Jesus’ Name.

Jane: We have been very blessed in our lives, and acknowledge the blessings God has given to us. As the years go on it is good to be able to look back and reflect on the journey God has taken me on. There have been times when I just didn’t know if I believed in God anymore and times when He has seemed so far away, but there have also been times when I have heard God’s voice, when I have encountered Him and he has reached into my life and met with me.

Once when we were visiting our old church near Oxford, someone came up to me and told me they had a word for me: that God loved me. I believe this had a profound effect on me and my walk with God, I know that this word for me helped me find my identity in Christ. On at least two occasions God has asked me if I trust him, really trust him with those I love most and taking me to a point of saying yes allowed a huge sense of freedom and peace. I know God has his hand on my life.