At Arun Church we do not believe in charity which simply ticks a box when it comes to the area of missions and impacting the nations.

From our outset as a church, God has blessed us to be actively involved in reaching the lost with the good news of Jesus: to care for the poor, the hurting and the marginalised and to ultimately see Kingdom transformation in every area, both locally and globally. We believe that being the hands and feet of Jesus means empowering people to take control of the amazing destiny that God has planned for them.

Historically a great deal of what the Church has called missions has actually created a greater sense of dependence rather than empowerment. As a result we work in close partnership with Links International seeking to involve our local community of faith in a way that is both strategic and intentional; to create a sustainable difference in our locality and the nations of the world. We believe we are all called to be ordinary radicals; to pray, to give and to know that overseas mission trips aren’t just for the select few.

We all have something to offer. You don’t need specific skills – you just need a willing heart.

We believe in relationship and therefore pursue the relationships with contacts around the world based on the doors that God opens for us. We believe that the local church is the vehicle God uses to advance His Kingdom and purposes here on earth, creating a new world in the shell of the old.

We offer our partners a combination of training in leadership development, justice and prophetic imagination, community healthcare, business development, education and youth and community work.

If you would like to go on an upcoming trip or for more information click here for Ugandaor here for Lebanon.

Joe Gisbey