This summer we have the privilege of receiving a team from The Dream Centre in Lubbock, Texas, to serve alongside us in various church activities including Kickstart The Event. Could you help provide food and lodging for any of the members? They will be here from around 26th July – 13th August (definite dates TBC). This would be a great opportunity to get to know them and for the team to really feel part of our community as they serve. Here is a breakdown of the team along with their ages:

Gabriel, Alex, & Natalia Reyes  (Husband, wife & 7 year old daughter)
Caitlyn DeLos Santos  (College-aged female)
Megan DeLos Santos  (University-aged girl)
Madelyn Gomez  (University-aged girl)
Daniel & Katrina Stephens  (Married couple – mid 30’s)
Joel, Kaci, & baby Tibbets  (Married couple – 20’s & 1 year old son)
Carl & Amy Wood  (Married couple – late 40’s)

If this is something that you feel you could help with or for more info, please contact Many thanks!