This Sunday 26th March we will be taking a special offering for the ‘Tearfund: East Africa Appeal’.

East Africa is facing a terrible food crisis which potentially could effect more than 16 million people. Drought has caused serious crop failure and in turn extreme loss of livestock across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. To further compound the problem, horrendous civil war in South Sudan has driven millions of people from their homes leaving them in need of emergency food. Sources of safe water are also tremendously scarce, due to lack of rain and mass migration to urban areas is also taking its toll on the country. The number of people in need of emergency food aid has doubled in the last six months to 6.2 million. Over 360,000 acutely malnourished children are in urgent need of support.

Somalia needs our prayers, along with the other countries at high risk in East Africa right now! We must act and be the hands and feet of Jesus alongside our brothers and sisters in East Africa who are in desperate need. Jesus says that as we lift up the ‘least of these’ it is as if we do it to Him. Let’s stand with the Somalians and be a channel of God’s provision. If you would like to find out more about the background to the situation and how Tearfund will be using the funds raised, click here.