Over the years Arun Church has had the amazing opportunity to go around the world, seeing members living overseas, planting churches, starting projects, working together with ministries like Links International or seeing the impact of Delirious has all meant that Arun has had a strong international focus.

In turn God has blessed us amazingly with the privilege of having many nations represented within the Arun family. We are so much more the richer for the cultural diversity that this brings. However, we would love to see this grow!

Our desire is for the church to be bursting with life and creativity from the multi-cultural community that gather and call this place home.

With this in mind we would like to invite all those within Arun Church, for whom the UK is not their place of birth, to get together for a meal on Sunday 11th June (venue TBC). This will be a time to dream together, discuss ways to grow our community and learn how to be a place in which other cultures can feel at home and journey with us to belong, believe and become.

Please let holly.young@aruncommunitychurch.com know if you are able to attend (by 1st June).