Over the last few years as a leadership team we have been paying attention to the way in which the church has been growing. This has been both encouraging and challenging as we have endeavoured to maintain the sense of family that is so appreciated within ACC, whilst not hampering growth in any way.

Many will remember that in 2015 we purchased 100 chairs, believing in faith that God would fill them and sure enough, in a very short amount of time we saw those chairs filled. To accommodate the growth, we then began to open the partition doors and to fill the Atrium, which whilst this helped to accommodate the growth, has caused other issues with regards to sound and creating a welcoming and safe environment.

Throughout all these changes we have constantly talked and sought God in prayer about the possibility of moving towards multiple meetings and when this might be appropriate. Some of you will remember that on New Year’s Day, we met as a church in the evening and there was a great buzz about doing this together. Many of you suggested that it would be good to meet on a Sunday evening more regularly, which confirmed what we as the Core Leadership team were sensing would be a positive development. Therefore from May, we plan to have a monthly Evening Service at The Littlehampton Academy on the first Sunday of the month.

We have also been listening to feedback from parents with young children, alongside thinking about the impact of an evening service on our morning services. ACC has a great heritage in the area of children’s ministry and we want to be giving the very best to the future generation growing up amongst us, not only in quality of what we offer the children, but also in opportunities for our children to experience the Holy Spirit and to grow in their gifting. With this in mind we plan to make the first Sunday of the month a dedicated Family Service in the morning with a focus on families with primary-age children.

On these Sundays, we do not want anyone to feel excluded and we would love everyone to come to both services that day (even if you don’t have younger children). You may decide to come to one and serve at the other, or just come to give your support and encouragement to other families even if that isn’t your focus.

The first Sunday with both a morning Family Service and an Evening Service will be Sunday 7th May 2017.

We have also planned a Vision Day on Sunday 1st October which will be for EVERYONE and then followed by an evening of prayer and worship.