We are excited to announce that we plan on changing our name from Arun Community Church to the shorter Arun Church.

Why Change the Name?
When we started as a church 45 years ago, we were originally called Rustington Baptist Church. This soon changed to Rustington Christian Fellowship in 1978, then Arun Christian Fellowship in 1989,  before becoming Arun Community Church in 1993. Each of those name changes were prompted at those times by a desire to reflect the growing vision of the church; from Rustington to Arun, from Fellowship to Community.

Why Change it Now?
We are also far more than a church for just this immediate community. We have a legacy of impacting and inspiring national children’s and youth work, our musical worship has spread around the world, and we continue to work with partners to bring lasting transformation in other countries. We believe God is calling us to be a church that will resource more than just our community, but to further impact this nation and other nations.

A second reason for the change is simply that it is far more practical in a digital age to have a shorter name. From our social media accounts (already ArunChurch on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to giving out our website and email addresses (aruncommunitychurch.com), the name Arun Church is easier to type and find online – try it!

If you have any comments, please feed it back to your Life Pod Leaders or the Core Team.

Thank you for your amazing support.

Becca, Joe, Jon & Kat