THE ULTIMATE ENDURANCE EVENT: A Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event – like a marathon – set in the heart of places around the world suffering extreme injustice. Muskathlons trigger change.

The Muskathlon adventure offers an unforgettable sporting experience whilst giving impactful first hand exposure to the good work of local organisations fighting against injustice. In addition to the event, all participants raise significant funds which are given directly to specific charities so that the impact of this huge injection of funds can be observed whilst on the trip.

This is a life-changing experience engaging the mind, body and soul like nothing else. A Muskathlon is unique. We have five guys and girls, Austin & Michelle Wade, Cookie, Steve Case and Stew Smith. They are running or cycling out in Rwanda in May this year. Please have a chat to them out in the Atrium this Sunday 19th February.

Stew Smith