We have counted up all the money (and checked it twice) received all our IOUs and can say that this year’s Christmas Giving total is £5020.69. On behalf of our partners around the world we would like to offer our sincere thanks for your generosity this Christmas.

This year we felt led to give our Christmas offering towards ministries working in both Lebanon and Colombia.
Half of the offering was allocated to the ministry Triumphant Mercy, led by Nuna Matar in Lebanon. Amongst other projects, Triumphant Mercy are providing rehabilitation and development to Syrian refugees who have fled the conflict across the border. Links International are also partnering with Triumphant Mercy to provide vocational training, education and sustainable solutions within the Syrian refugee camps.

The other half is being given to In Ministry To Children (IMC), Colombia. This organisation is led by Nancy Centeno and works to rescue Street Children and support families at high risk in various locations around Colombia. IMC work with the Wayuu tribe in the northern desert region of Colombia. Links have also partnered with them to provide clean water for two communities, building wells that will provide clean water for approximately 300 families and also to build pit latrines, which will greatly improve the health of the communities.

Thank you for your generosity, we will update you with these projects as the year goes on!