Following on from Andy Gill’s appointment in October to develop our work in the community, he will also now be overseeing the ACCelerate team (our children’s and youth work) alongside the community initiatives he is already heading up. Together with our new Children’s Worker Bex Groves-Excell these are very exciting times, please remember to pray all our amazing ACCelerate team as they give their time and talents in serving the children and young people in our church and community.

It is with sadness that we write to let you know Dave Green recently resigned from his post as Premises Manager of the Wickbourne Centre. Dave has not been well for several months so hasn’t been able to perform his role in that time. We have worked closely with Dave during this period, always looking to encourage and support him back into work, but this has not been possible.

Dave started with us in April 2014 initially working alongside Dave Payne then moving into a full time position as the Premises Manager in September 2015.

As many of you will know, Dave is a genuinely lovely and friendly man, always willing to help, serve and assist, not only in managing the premises but in many other aspects of Wickbourne and church life. Though he is of course still attending church he will be missed at the Wickbourne Centre and we pray all the best for him in the future.

This does also mean we need to fill this position as Premises Manager at the Wickbourne Centre. Please click here for more information or see the section below.