Scotland 2017
April 20th – 23rd

An XCC is a mind, body and soul adventure – an active and challenging endurance event for men, out in the wild. The XCC is set up like one endless day; for 72 hours men are confronted with significant physical challenges, deep camaraderie and profound moments of moral and spiritual input. Through the XCC process men find perspective; they evaluate who they are and they find a purpose worth living for.

• XCC 1.0 – “Search and Discover”. This XCC is designed for men looking for answers to big questions. Through a Mind Body Soul Adventure you will challenge and explore what it means to live as a man in the modern world. Bring your brain, your issues, your life, your boots, your struggles, your successes; bring yourself.
• Do you know a guy who needs this? When you pay for this XCC 1.0 we’ll give you a unique code for a friend to join you for FREE. Who will you bring?
• XCC 2.0 “Decision Time”. A Mind, Body Soul Adventure for men connected to church who want to go deeper in faith and value inspiration. Are you looking for a challenge? Are you ready to live for purpose? It’s time to change. It’s time to become the man you were made to be.
Numerous men have become inspired and enthused after embarking on a spiritual adventure of a lifetime from ACC. Join over 150 others this spring. 

Further info at or speak to Stew Smith