We’re setting aside this week (9th-15th January 2017) to pray and fast. The Church Office at the Wickbourne Centre and All Saints in Wick will be available during the week, both in the daytime and the evening for small groups of people to meet and pray.

We encourage you to make time to pray, individually, as families, Life Pods or friends, and also to spend time fasting, in order to focus on God.

7-8am Early Morning Prayer at the Wickbourne Centre
5-8pm Prayer Room at All Saints (Focus: God’s presence and guidance for 2017)

12-1pm Prayer Walk, Highdown
5-8pm Prayer Room at All Saints (Focus: Local Community Projects, Community Hub, CAP)

Corporate Day of Fasting
7-8am Early Morning Prayer
5-8pm Prayer Room at All Saints (Focus: Overseas Mission)

5-8pm Prayer Room at All Saints (Focus: Healing and Deliverance)
12-1pm Prayer Walk, local neighbourhood (Please let us know the area you will be prayer walking as we would love to see the entire neighbourhood covered)

7-8am Early Morning Prayer
5-8pm Prayer Room at All Saints (Focus: Outreach, Evangelism and Revival in the UK)

10am-3pm Worship, Prayer and Prophecy at the Wickbourne Centre
(This will be a time of seeking God’s face and will be very free flowing. Please feel free to come to as much as you would like throughout the day)

3pm ‘Under Construction: Prayer Treasure Hunt’ (more details to follow)

We will be setting up a Start with Prayer Blog and prayer forum on Facebook for people to share their prayers and prophetic words that God gives them during the week. There will also be a devotional thought for the day that you can download. May 2017 be a year of belonging, believing and becoming all God has called us to be.