Our condolences to Bruce & Linda Gazzard and family, as Bruce’s mum died this week.


This week we welcome Esther Lavery into Membership of the Church:

Esther Lavery

Esther and her two children Mariah and Brandon have been coming to ACC for around two years. She was brought up a Christian and has always known God’s love throughout her life.

After her marriage broke down in 2013 Esther was keen with her children to explore new churches closer to home in order to make a fresh start. On visiting ACC they immediately experienced a warmth and acceptance from the people they met and decided to return for another week. Very quickly ACC felt like home and they now consider it their lovely church family.

Esther is an active member of the daytime Life Pod (Willowbrook) which she has found an amazing support. Mariah and Brandon attended Kickstart the Event in the summer and absolutely loved that so many of their school friends were also there!

Outside of church Esther is a Community Nurse currently working in Bognor, but will soon be transferring to the team in Littlehampton. Mariah and Brandon both attend Summerlea School.


On Sunday (27th November) Yoli Engall will be serving homemade soup and roll in the Atrium before and after the meeting, to raise money for Azulado, a charity in Ecuador working with vulnerable children.