A team of 23 students and staff from the Mariager Højskole Bible School in Denmark are back! They’ve come to serve the local community with a big focus at TLA next week and ACC. The students will be helping out with lessons, local breakfast clubs, primary schools, after school clubs and various local church events. If you need practical help with anything this week just ask, as they are here to serve the community in any way. Contact Paul Sanderson (TLA Chaplain) with any ideas.

Sunday Lunch: If anyone would like to host and feed a couple of students this Sunday lunchtime, please see Paul Sanderson at church on Sunday.

Also, as part of the week they will holding a seminar entitled Anxiety: How to Help Ourselves and Others looking at helpful skills and practical tools to find personal freedom from this issue. This is for anyone to attend, whether you’re dealing with anxiety or are a relative or friend. Jakob Vagner, the Bible school senior teacher, will be speaking as someone who has lived with anxiety himself for 13 years, but also as someone educated and specialised in theology, therapy and coaching. Sunday 6th November in the TLA Chapel, 7 – 8.30pm.