Back on 18th September we had our annual Vision Day where the leadership team explained they believe God is calling us to deliberately invest in the two areas of Mission (locally and overseas) and Worship.

The target was an ambitious £60,000, and we had a immediate and significant response. Today the total stands at £39,000 which is a remarkable achievement! Thank you so much for all your support and generosity. If you pledged money on the day but have not yet made the donation, please can you do so as soon as possible.

Also a huge thanks for the ‘seeds’ that you planted offering time, prayer, energy and commitment – these are just as important.

While there are still donations coming in, we wanted to update everyone with our plans for the current total. There were five key things we wanted to do, and we have allocated funds to each of them accordingly.


  • £5,000 (plus regular ongoing contributions from the church) towards Links International and to work with partner churches in Uganda, Colombia, Lebanon and India.
  • £4,000 towards the ongoing costs of the Littlehampton CAP Debt Centre
  • £15,000 towards our Community Development Lead role, helping to create innovative projects that connect church, business and civic life for social transformation.


  • £7,000 towards the recording and release of 4 new worship songs from Sam Archer (and Simon Parkin) which have been written out of the heart of the church here. We want to see these songs spread far and wide.
  • £8,000 towards recruiting a part-time worship leader alongside Sam so together they can develop a strong team and establish a culture to meet, practice, write and record songs, plus explore opportunities to train and equip others both within and beyond our church.

As we have not yet reached our total, some of these projects will require additional funding which we plan to find from alternative sources. Our Thanksgiving offering on Sunday will also be towards the Vision Day total. If you have not yet made a contribution please would you prayerfully consider doing so. The easiest way to donate is online at but you can also do a bank transfer or use cash and cheques.


Thank you again for your support in this next part of the church’s journey. We’re so excited to see God changing lives!