On Tuesday 8th November 7.30 – 9pm, The Littlehampton Academy is hosting a performance of The God Particle, a romantic comedy about faith, knowledge and love.

The play is set in the village of Threepiggs. Dr Bex Kenworthy from the nearby Institute of Advanced Quantum Theory is in the pub, having been stood up by a lab-technician. When Dr Gilbert Romans arrives, things are looking up… until she discovers he is, in fact, the new local vicar. She is a die-hard sceptical scientist. He is a heavenly-minded clergyman. Together they create entirely the wrong kind of reaction. There is an argument.

It is a play that takes both science and religion seriously, with each challenging the other. Bex and Gilbert do their best to find common ground and in the process they argue about scientific evidence, the nature of miracles, Sir Isaac Newton, the power of prayer and how a good God allows suffering in the world. It’s deep, smart and a bit Dr Who. The writer, James Cary, has written for TV’s Miranda Hart and Mock The Week’s Milton Jones, so it’s no surprise the play is full of jokes, characters and absurd situations that teenagers can relate to. It provides an engaging way of encouraging students to consider the purpose and practice of both science and religion, and how they come together.

Tickets are £3 each and available online here.