Saturday 29th November is the Littlehampton Bonfire Night! As part of the celebrations Littlehampton Churches Together have a float within the bonfire procession, put together by Fliss Jay, Claire Jones and many others in Cre8. Our theme this year is ‘Light in the Darkness’. Here are several ways that you can be involved in this amazing event:

Sunday 23rd 
Why not join us to build your boat for the parade? We will also be preparing the float. As much help is needed as possible. 1.30pm for shared lunch followed by a making session 2 – 4.30pm.

Friday 28th
***Thursday Cre8 has been moved to Friday night next week*** Come along 7 – 9pm to help with the last minute preparations; attaching lights, making decorations and creating the float. We will also be praying over everything so even if you feel totally uncreative there is an important role for you!

Saturday 29th – Parade Day!
<Daytime preparation – 10am onwards at the Wickbourne Centre. Please bring your tools as we will need all hands on deck to build and decorate the float.

Evening parade time! put on your sailor outfit and boat then come along to Littlehampton Baptist Church, Fitzalan Road at 6.40pm to pray and line up. First judging will happen between 7 – 7.45pm before the parade moves off. We know this can be a long time to stand and smile so if you want to arrange a tag team and swap in and out between having a break in the Baptist Church lounge that will be great.

Due to the design this year we are unable to have children on the float but we would still love to have them walking with us and encourage you to turn push-chairs in to boats, arrange to swap part way or just do as much of the route as you can manage.

There are a limited number of places on the float for adults who would be unable to complete the whole route on foot (you will need to have spoken to Fliss or Claire beforehand to arrange this and be wearing a lighthouse keeper costume).

Bonfire Pack Down
Saturday Night 29th – help needed
Parade day is very exhausting for all involved and after the parade everything needs to be taken off the truck. If you can spare time to come to the Wickbourne Centre at approximately 10pm and help cut things off, carry them in or wind cables it will be extremely appreciated. Thank you!

Sunday 30th
1pm, tidy and tip run. Please come to the Wickbourne Centre after church and help us tidy and, if you are able to, take the remains of the float to the tip.

For any more info see Fliss Jay or Claire Jones.