Carol & David Boreham and their children recently visited Zimbabwe with Mission Direct. Carol writes:

This was our fourth family trip with Mission Direct and our second visit to the stunning country of Zimbabwe. We spent our mornings helping to build the Joshua Dhube primary school in Dangamvura, one of the poorest regions of Mutare. This summer the 5th classroom block, funded by Mission Direct volunteers, will be completed enabling another 120 children to start school in January. In the afternoons we worked with Hope for AIDS visiting some of their projects including HIV support groups, a feeding programme for 120 orphans, the sewing school-a micro enterprise, “Today for Tomorrow” children’s work, and home visits with the Tafara (joy) caregivers-all volunteer women caring for vulnerable children in Sakubva while raising their own families in difficult circumstances. We saw people living in extreme poverty yet in every situation we also found positive people full of joy and hope eager to worship the Lord with singing and dancing.


“Meet Joyce (see photo below). Joyce is 4 years old and one of seven children. Her father died of HIV Aids and her mum too is bedridden with the disease. She lives in what can only be described as a shed with one single bed. Her and her four sisters sleep on the bed and her two brothers sleep under it, as floor space is minimal. Joyce is very nervous and I’m sure that stems from her troubled past. Whilst all the other orphans played with the parachute, Joyce crouches down and looks on. Watching her sorrow shattered my heart and I knew I needed to change her life. Without hesitation I ran across the playground towards her, scooped her up in my arms and together we ran under the parachute. There it was… her smile. Something her older sister said she’d never seen in the 4 years of little Joyce’s life. When I met Joyce she found her smile, and she helped me find mine.” – Rebecca, 2015


Joyce, now 5 is still full of joy, her laughter is infectious and although she’s still nervous, fear has been replaced by joy and dancing. Everyone has seen a change in her, everyone has seen her smile.

Carol, David, Rebecca, Bethany and Andrew Boreham