Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre

We are really excited to share that in the coming months we will be launching a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre in Littlehampton as a service to the community! CAP Debt Centres provide debt counselling through community-based home visits to lift people out of debt and poverty and have a strong evangelistic approach to transforming people’s lives.Carol Boreham

There are over 300 CAP Debt Centres around the country with our nearest neighbours in Bognor and Worthing, however there is a real need in the Littlehampton area with over 1/3 of Bognor Debt Centre clients coming from here already. We have already secured funding from a number of sources and have now appointed Carol Boreham to be the Debt Centre Manager.

Over the next few months Carol will be working with a Steering Group of volunteers from local churches to get the service set up and running, planning to take clients from September. This is an amazing chance to make a real difference to those struggling with debt and we will need both practical and prayer support. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Carol on
You can find out more about CAP Debt Centres on the CAP website and we will be explaining in more detail over the coming months.