Sam’s song of the week is ‘Don’t You Want to Thank Someone’ by Andrew Peterson. You can listen on YouTube (this link will not work on mobile devices) or Spotify.

I spoke about this song last Sunday during our time together. Andrew Peterson is one of those writers who consistently makes me think about God in a much deeper and more profound way. Lyrically he has an ability to unpack complex issues in a simple and clear way, yet brings new understanding to issues surrounding our humanity and relationship with God. ‘Don’t You Want To Thank Someone’ asks us to examine our existence and suggests that there is a yearning in our very being to thank someone for what we have and the grace we have so unconditionally received. The song is quite long so I suggest taking ten minutes out of your day to sit, be still and listen to these beautifully crafted words and see what God says to you. This song uplifts my spirit so much that I go back to it regularly, I pray it does the same for you. 

Favourite lyric: “Oh but then forgiveness comes, it’s a grace that I cannot resist and I just want to thank someone, I just want to thank someone for this.”

Sam Archer