Last weekend a group of men from ACC joined 300 other men in Scotland for an Extreme Character Challenge with 4M. Dan Boreham writes about his experience:

There are seasons and periods in life when God asks us to do something extraordinary to take a leap of faith and face a challenge unfamiliar. In those moments we can choose to jump or turn back. Last week I took that leap and went on a trip for men to the Scottish Highlands run by an organisation called 4M.

Let me just step back briefly… life… there are so many things vying for all of our time, our physical energy, our resources, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. It’s the ebb and flow of life right?… Or is it?

Often, I have found myself just trying to make the right decision in the brief moment I have to make it, to get me or us through to the next moment, hoping that the future pans out, and so it goes on. I go down a rabbit hole looking for answers in many different things but these are precisely the moments when these ‘things’ start to rob me and us of our destiny, our hope, our joy in relationships, our jobs – frankly whatever they may be, it starts to become all about our needs, about ourselves – we forget to listen for the quiet whisper of God and begin to lose our grip on the hands that hold us, and the very thing that is most important and that binds us together – Jesus.

4M is a challenge physically and spiritually, I’m not going to give the game away, but the first time you do this is hard but special. I cannot begin to tell you the impact this has had on me; I think it will take months to unfold what God has shown me. I can only say that this was a baptism. I came in with so much to carry and wrestle with (physically and emotionally!) but came out renewed, free and at peace with where God has my family and me.

There is no man who could not benefit from doing this, whatever your journey, take the risk – pack up your bag, find some walking boots, get fit and go on a journey that will make you lose what’s difficult but gain what really matters.

I’ve heard the whisper and held the hands again.