Redeeming Prayer (formerly Prayer for the Lost) is this Saturday 2nd April, 8 – 9am, at the Mosses’ house, Fircroft Crescent, Rustington, followed by an optional bring and share breakfast. The group writes:

When ‘Prayer for the Lost’ started in April 2014 it was with the knowledge that this was the name God had chosen for the coming together of those whose hearts were burdened with interceding for friends and family. To pray for someone you love, year in, year out, can sometimes feel a bit of a burden, so as well as praying for them, it’s been a much needed opportunity to encourage and pray for each other.

Recently it was felt that there had been a shift and it was time to stop thinking of those we love as lost, and so now we’re carrying on doing everything we’ve done for the last 2 years but with the name ‘Redeeming Prayer’. The dictionary defines ‘redeem’ as ‘to get something back’, ‘to exchange’, ‘to carry out a promise’ and ‘to pay back a debt’, all of which describe Jesus’ work for us on the cross.

So if you see a group called ‘Redeeming Prayer’ it’s nothing new. We’ll still be meeting every first Saturday of the month (for 12 months of the year) and finishing with a bring and share breakfast, and anyone with a heart to pray for those who Jesus came to redeem is very welcome to join us.

There are also a number of other prayer meetings happening weekly which everyone is welcome to attend:

Early Morning Prayer: Wednesdays (term time), 7 – 8am at the Wickbourne Centre.

Sunday Prayer: Meeting every Sunday at 9.45am in the Chapel at TLA before the main meeting.

Healing Prayer: Thursdays, 8 – 9pm at Neil & Cathy Stanaway’s house. An hour of prayer for healing. Everyone is welcome, either to pray or be prayed for.