Lent Weekly Challenge – Putting Others First

It was Christmas, and we were visiting a slum where we were working together with communities helping them to see the talents that God had placed within them. Many of the children had been rescued from the streets or were from families at high risk.

Through the generous donation of churches we’d been able to buy presents for all of the children. We were so excited, imagining their joy at tearing the wrapping paper off and being able to play with their new toys. However, it didn’t quite work out that way.

Rather than running off to play, they put their presents to one side and continued to talk and play with us. They seemed far more content with people being simply interested in them. They put us first.

I was struck by this and challenged, these children with very little valued what mattered the most – relationship. At the centre of what it means to be whole is relationship. We are all broken in different ways, sometimes it is our relationship with Father God, or ourselves, or with those around us. Jesus came to restore relationship and this is actually what our hearts long for.

The very best way we can begin to reverse our trend towards brokenness is by putting others first.

There are many ways to do this in our day-to-day lives. Giving up our seat each day on public transport, holding open a door, letting others go ahead of us in a queue – even relinquishing the TV control!

Our challenge for this week is to put others first. Let people know that you value their thoughts and opinions as much as your own. Help someone else win this week. Why not plan a day out for someone? Choose something they would love, even if it’s not something you would choose. You will be surprised at the joy this will release and at what happens when we genuinely put others first and see God begin to fix what is broken.

Joe Gisbey