Lent Weekly Challenge – Give It Away!

‘Only The Losers win, they’ve got nothing to lose…’ – Switchfoot

Sitting there in the slum, a young girl handed me a small pancake made from maize flour, sprinkled with salt. Whilst my stomach and senses wanted to rebel, my head and heart were profoundly touched by the generosity that my young friend, who lived on the streets, had just shown me.

Who knows how she had been able to afford this offering that she gave to Carolina and me, but like the widow who Jesus observed giving two mites into the temple offering – she had given her all. We sat and talked, laughed and prayed together.

This was one of the first lessons I learned about outrageous generosity – there would be many more and, interestingly, so many of my teachers would be the materially poor.

I think we have been lied to. We are told that if we work hard enough, put enough hours in and get a good enough education then we’ll be happy, that we’ll get our reward. And that then, and only then, we could start living.

But face it – we know deep down that isn’t true. There is a longing in our hearts waiting to be filled. We must be generous.

It’s not easy, and it doesn’t come naturally but this is how we were created to live. I am convinced that it is the only way that we find the satisfaction we’re searching for.

Our challenge this week is to act with reckless generosity! Even if money is tight, look for ways this week to be generous with your time, or resources.

Raid your house! Chances are, you’ll find many things that would be a great blessing to others. Ask around on social media to see if anyone would like your unwanted treasures – give them away for free.

Why not give away vouchers or gifts to some friends, family or neighbours? Or put some cash behind the counter in your favourite cafe and ask them to give everyone’s order for free until the money runs out. Let’s dare to be the most generous versions of ourselves!