Lent Weekly Challenge

Emptying our pockets to fill them with LIFE this Easter

The Lenten Season begins next week, with Shrove Tuesday (pancake day!), followed by Ash Wednesday. Lent is a time to focus on Jesus’ life, death and resurrection in preparation for Easter. There will be a Lent challenge each week, for us as a church, discovering what we can ‘die to’ and what we can ‘live to’ in the run up to Easter.

Traditionally on Ash Wednesday people receive the mark of a cross on their foreheads made with ash, representing repentance and contrition (Daniel 9:3, Jonah 3:6). It marks the beginning of a 40 day fasting and preparation period, like Jesus in the run up to starting his ministry. The Hebrew word to ‘fast’ is ‘Tsuwm’, which means to abstain. This is not just food; in the Jewish mindset it was seen as anything that would be a sacrifice. This week our challenge is to fast for a day (or as you feel led), and ask God what He wants us to ‘die to’ during this season of Lent. What do we need to take out of our spiritual pockets?

Next week will look at what God is asking us to ‘live to’ – what do we need to put in our pockets?