Lent Weekly Challenge – Speak Life

The Bible is full of examples of how important our words are. The terms ‘blessing’ and ‘cursing’ in essence mean to either say nice and positive things or to say negative things over someone. The scriptures say ‘Death and Life’ are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). When we use our words encouragingly, generously and genuinely there are few things that have more power. We see people come alive.

We see Jesus using the power of his words all the time to empower and release his followers and to give hope to a nation. ‘You are the salt of the earth’ and ‘the light of the world’ he told uneducated, unprepared (very likely young, teenage) fishermen and tax collectors (Matthew 5:13–14 NIV). I am sure they all laughed out loud when he said to unstable, open-your-mouth and stick-your-foot-in-it Simon ‘You are Peter…’ meaning a ‘Rock’. Jesus always saw people as who they could become and called out their potential.

This Lent season we want to be part of seeing one another ‘come alive’ and ‘light up’ as we speak God’s powerful words over them.

This is equally true as we speak over our communities and nation. So this week I want to challenge you to speak positive words over your friends, family, co-workers. Look for ways to encourage and lift people up. Write letters and emails of encouragement, stick up post-it notes for people to find that will brighten up their day. Parents, why not head for the streets with your kids and some chalk in hand? Find a patch of pavement where you can write public messages and draw pictures of encouragement for everyone to see. (Don’t worry this is legal and washes off in the rain!) Let’s lift each other up, light up people’s days and watch how quickly we can chase away the dark!

Joe Gisbey