STEM Volunteers

At the first Expand of the year we started a new conversation about education in our local community. Littlehampton’s educational attainment is below the national average but we as a church are determined to play our part to change this for the better. To find out more you can watch the video of our recent Expand meeting

In response to this and the need for STEM volunteers, Jenny Oliver writes:

‘Following the #ACCEducation conversation we would like to invite the following people to a meeting (date to be confirmed) about how they can be involved.
1. Any professional in the STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths, in addition to Medical) who would like to find out more about being a STEM Ambassador.
2. Those with programming experience and/or interest in helping run a Computer Club.

We are also looking for spare working laptops and flat screen monitors to equip the clubs.’

For more info or to express your interest contact Jenny at by Wednesday 3rd February.