The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Andrew Gibb, Jillian Muir, Lauren Barber, Chris Gray, Kat Archer, Jems Smith, Yvonne Bartholomew and Caroline Gerrie. Happy Birthday everyone!

Rich & Maria Lush write:
Dear Church, Maria and I have been given an amazing opportunity to get stuck in with Revelation Church, Chichester. I’ll be working as one of their part time youth workers. This decision didn’t come easy – we both love Arun. This has very much been a place for us to grow, and for me, it’s been my home on and off since I was born. We had no intention of moving on when this opportunity appeared but God clearly had other ideas and so many things appeared to fall into place. We are so thankful to the family of Arun and all those who have walked, prayed and chatted with us on our journey, and we look forward to hearing all that God is going to do here with all of you. Our last Sunday with Arun will be the 3rd January. Will initially be living in Littlehampton and commuting so you’ll still see us about, and for the moment I will continue to run the Breakfast Club at TLA until we move. Please continue to pray for us that the transition is an easy one and that we can get stuck in with them fast! Here’s to the adventure!