A very Merry Christmas to everyone!

The next newsletter from ACC will be on Friday 1st Jan 2016, so check in to find out what’s coming up in the New Year!

Christmas Thanks:

Thank you to Simon moss and his team for the set up, AV, sound and lights for all our Christmas events. Thank you to Flix for all his hard work in putting the events together and writing brilliant scripts. Thank you to Pippa T for the videos, dance choreography and all communications. Thank you to Si Parkin for putting the Christmas Special together. Thank you to Sam Archer and his brilliant band. Thank you to the incredible Des for comparing at the party and his part at the Christmas special. Thank you Steph for your creative input and design. Thank you to all the dancers who danced your hearts out. Thank you to the brilliant children in the video. Thank you to Jenni and the beautiful choir. Thank you to Ed and Emily for your songs. Thank you to all who have served refreshments and hovered carpets and welcomed people. What an incredible team. Thank you so much. Love, Becca.

There’s no service this Sunday, 27th December. We’ll be back on Sunday January 3rd 2016 – see you then!