Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas and are excited for the freshness that the New Year brings.

I recently watched the film The Polar Express. In the story a little boy is given a precious bell that he has to keep safe, but loses it because he has a hole in his pocket. This got me thinking about pockets! They’re where we keep the things we need. If our pockets are full we are equipped and ready for any situation. As we journey with God, it’s so easy to let holes wear into our spiritual pockets, meaning we lose some of the precious things God gives us.

Or maybe our spiritual pockets are full of rubbish, and we need a good clear out at the start of the year in order to fill them up with faith. Our theme for this year at church is Pocketful of Faith. So right at the start of the year let’s clear out our pockets, mend those holes and be ready to receive all that God has for us in 2016.

I pray that we will all go deeper with God this year, that we will see many lives transformed in our church, family, community and world and that our pockets are full and overflowing with faith.

Much love and courage to you all this New Year,