The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Sarah Smith, Ita Moss, Jed Parkin, Elyana Gisbey, Dee Burt and Owen Hubbard. Happy Birthday everyone!

Hazel Wilkinson asks if you have a shoe box filled for Operation Christmas Child could you please drop them off, by Sunday 15th November, to her house, 16 Bell Davies Road, Littlehampton or give to her this Sunday morning. Her porch is open 24/7. For more info see Hazel or contact her on 01903 715999.

Mike & Pat Jones are visiting Chennai and Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, South India from the 17th Nov – 2nd Dec. They write:

The reason for our trip is to make contact with long standing friends in Chennai and to then go to Tirunelveli, to visit our other long standing friends Dr. Anburajan and his wife Beulah.  We’re going out to help Dr. Anbu with the administration of his charitable trust, which is the umbrella charity for his 30 bed hospital and Beulah’s school and children’s home. He has been experiencing some problems in that area, and we wish to use our experience to encourage and offer suggestions as to how they may best proceed for the future. By using a tried and tested method of needs assessment across the charity’s administration, together with prayer and Holy Spirit wisdom, we will be seeking to see issues recognised by Dr Anbu, which can then be addressed together during our time there and then later via email etc. when we’re back home.

We would very much value your prayer for:

  • Travelling schedules to run smoothly, covered by Holy Spirit protection, safety, good health & provision, and for minimal jet lag and fatigue.
  • We will require great wisdom and sensitivity as we approach and touch on sensitive issues.
  • We are asking God for continued favour and trust with our dear friends, who in the past have shared very openly with us about their personal lives, but not touching the nitty gritty sensitive areas of their business/charity affairs.
  • Please pray against the enemy trying to cause any misunderstandings; to cause them to feel threatened or exposed. Because we love and care for them, we do not want this to happen at all, we just want to be used by the Holy Spirit as a catalyst, and for them to be able to see for themselves, any areas that need addressing, to keep them on a firm foundation financially and administratively as they continue to work and serve their local and national community, and serve God and extend His kingdom in India.

Thank you all for love and support as we embark on this trip.