The Littlehampton Bonfire Parade is Saturday 31st October, and ACC will have a float on the theme The Garden of Eden. Cre8 have been hard at work for the last few months making flowers and costumes ready for the night. There is still lots to do, and loads of ways to be a part of the night, so if you can help with any of the following it would be greatly appreciated!

This Sunday 25th October, we’ll be meeting for a shared lunch at 1.30pm followed by preparation for the Bonfire Parade from 2pm. Come along to the Wickbourne Centre wearing your old clothes. Everyone is welcome!
What can you be doing at home? 
. You can make flower, plant or tree costumes for yourself and/or your children to wear!
. You can learn the words to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell and ‘Wonder’ by Emeli Sande, and practice singing along to them.
. You can buy a bag or tin of sweets to hand out during the parade.
. You can be praying for everything to come together, for good weather and for us to impact Littlehampton with God’s light and love!
On Saturday 31st October:
Daytime: Parade preparation 10am – 4pm at the Wickbourne Centre.
Evening: We need people to walk behind the float, to operate puppets and to sing and wave from the float.
Come to the Baptist Church by 6.15pm to get ready. Wear your flower/tree costume or anything dark green or black, and carry one of the flowers, or help to operate the giant snake! Children are able to wave from the float but must be accompanied by an adult (please remember that it may well be cold so dress wrap up warm!).
We also need people to wear a Team t-shirt and carry collection buckets, walking with the float.
Please contact Fliss Jay or Claire Jones with any questions.