The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Shaun Parvin, Graham Rees, Jackie Collier, Isobel Newman, Toby Neal, Lola Misson, Cheryl Jones, Chris Wadsworth and Ian Reynolds. Happy Birthday everyone!

Congratulations to Graham & Jill Bruford on their 20th Wedding Anniversary!

We welcome the following people into membership of the church:

Desmond & Caroline Bellew

BellewsDesmond & Caroline have been pioneer missionaries in Spain for 30 years, where they planted three new churches, pastored another church, helped start a further one and saw many Spaniards and Latin Americans come to faith in Christ. Six of their spiritual sons, together with their wives, have been in full time Christian ministry, several of them church planters in their own right.

Caroline has been very involved in Christian Education and is the author of a book in Spanish on that theme. They are both from Christian families in Northern Ireland and have been Christians from a very early age. Desmond was baptised by immersion when he was 18 and Caroline in France at 21.

They believe that God has led them to become members of ACC. They appreciate the worship, the outreach, the impact the church is having in the community, the international missionary focus and the fact it is a church for all ages.

Lucy Mitchelmore

LucyMy name is Lucy and I am a lone parent of 3 “children”: Bronte 20, Flynn 15 and Rory 13. I became a Christian in 1996 and was baptised at the Littlehampton Baptist Church on 20th April 1997. In 2000, I moved to Devon and stayed there for 10 years but didn’t really find a church until the last year of being there.

In 2010 we moved back to West Sussex, my marriage broke down and things were a bit tough for a little while. I really wanted to find a church so prayed that God would lead me to one, and I prayed for Christian friends. Soon after that I bumped into a couple of old friends from the “Bappy” which was wonderful as we managed to pick up where we left off. I joined Jane Neal’s life pod after one of those friends suggested I come along, and so God blessed me with some wonderful friends who really are an answer to my prayers.

In summer 2013 I started coming to Arun, after dabbling a little bit, and volunteered to take part in the Christmas special which was a wonderful experience and the best fun I’d had in years. Since then, God has blessed me over and over and I am having a ball getting to know Jesus as my friend and saviour and gaining a deeper understanding of God.