The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Rosie Fuller, Jo Gisbey, Isobel Gisbey, Josh Bruford, Matt West, Macaulay Larbey, Alice White, Laurie Mellor, Andy Harsant, Gareth Nunes, Rosie Jupp, Heather Thatcher and Chris Lush. Happy Birthday everyone!

Nathan Yos is looking for someone to accompany him to church on Sunday mornings, asap. His present personal carers (Cookie Knowles and Roberto Agrela) are currently not often available. This is a paid role, and guidance and instruction will be provided. If you are interested or for more information please contact the ACC Office or his Mum, Jane Yos, at

Congratulations to Norman & Grace Barnes on their nomination for Community Stars 2015 from the Herald and Gazette newspapers. They have received this nomination for their work with Links International and extensive work with underprivileged children both locally and abroad. We take this opportunity to thank Norman & Grace again for everything they do at ACC and all over the world.

Richard & Stella Hine write:

As you may have noticed, Stella and I have very rarely been at church for some time now.  What with heavy work commitments and many visits to Eastbourne, due to Stella’s mother’s illness and subsequent death, we have found travelling to Littlehampton a strain. During this time we have taken stock and decided that we should try to find a Church nearer home. We have found a Church in Worthing where we are happy now and feel that it would be right for us to move there permanently. Arun is a great Church which has meant, and still does mean a lot to us but, living in Worthing we are not part of the community that the Church serves.  It seems appropriate to move to a Church within our local area. 

We would like to thank everyone at Arun Community Church for your love and support over the years and pray that God will bless you all.  Please keep in touch (you can find our e-mail address on the members list). 

Richard & Stella

We pray every blessing over Richard & Stella for the future. They have made an incredible difference in many lives and we thank them for all they have given.