Paul Sanderson (TLA Chaplain) writes:

A big thank you to all who sponsored a child for the Summer Camp. We have 48 children coming and all 18 that requested sponsoring are covered, and 50 volunteers, which is great news. However, we are still looking for help with the following things:

– Prayer for a child on camp. On the Info Point this Sunday there will be Summer Camp Prayer Bookmarks for you to take away and commit to praying for a child.

– Cooks and hot-chocolate makers! We still need a bit of help from foodie type people to prepare breakfast or dinner on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning. If you are more of a night owl we are also looking for volunteers to come and make hot chocolate before bedtime for 100 people!

If you can help with any of these roles please e-mail me at or contact the church office for my telephone number.