The following people celebrated their birthday last week: Julie Taylor, Ron Bennett, Chrissy Gisbey, Noah Croucher, Wendy Frost, Landon Jones, Christopher Hine and Steph Fuller. A belated Happy Birthday everyone!

The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Geoff Philpott, Anne Fuller, Elizabeth Waim, Chris Evans (60th), George Scales, Olivia Atherton, Finley Reynolds, Tracy Beech and Fran Hibberd. Happy Birthday everyone!

Our condolences to Chris & Jan Straight on the passing of Chris’s mum, who passed away peacefully in hospital this morning. We pray for them especially at this time.


clive and jan

Clive & Jan Price are moving to Ireland, after more than 30 years of living in Littlehampton and being active members of Arun Community Church. They plan to set up a ‘house of hospitality’ in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, on the border of north and south. This will be a blend of traditional B&B, workshops and retreat events. Clive also hopes to pick up some PR clients and freelance editing/writing assignments. 

Their three children, Joshua, Emily and Jordan, grew up in Arun and are now very much involved with St Peter’s Church, Brighton. They are staying in Sussex. 

Over the years, Clive and Jan have led housegroups, been part of the worship team and the wider leadership team. Jan ran Mums and Toddlers for a while and later Infant Tag (pre Kickstart). They were part of the church when a small number of us used to meet in a back room of Rustington Village Hall. 

They aim to have their new facility up and running by next spring. Keep in touch by email, Facebook – mobile numbers will stay the same. They look forward to seeing you on ‘the isle of saints and scholars’!

A huge thank you to Clive & Jan, Josh, Emily and Jordan for all they have given over the years and we pray a blessing over them as they begin this new adventure. They will be greatly missed and we wish them every joy in their new home.


Welcome back to Macaulay Larbey on his return from Mariager Højskole Bible School in Denmark. He writes:

I’ve just finished my year in Denmark and I want to thank everybody for giving me the support and funds to make it happen, it’s been a huge blessing, so thank you. 

Macaulay is looking for somewhere to live, ideally a room in or around Littlehampton. He is also looking for work so may not be able to move in straight away. If you can help please contact Macaulay or the church office.