The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Anna Neal, Hazel Wilkinson, Sally Plumb, Ian Jones, Heather Sanderson, Margaret Beech, John Race, Debbie Frost, Rosemary Cartlidge, Tom Langlois, Ali Groves and Oliver Mitchell. Happy Birthday everybody!


Macaulay Larbey flies back to the UK on Thursday 21st May, and needs a lift home from Gatwick airport at 4.15pm. If you are able to give him a lift please contact the church office.


Congratulations to Jon & Katie Roobottom on the birth of their baby girl Ember, born on the 1st May.


Joe Gisbey’s book Follow: Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi is now published, and available to buy here.

Follow steps back in time to the authentic world of Jesus, and demonstrates with a passion that the same adventures we read about in the pages of the book of Acts can be written on the pages of our 21st-Century lives’.