Thursday 29th January 2015



To Parents/Carers,


Please take the time to read this letter carefully. It contains very important information that is very crucial to a child attending our setting.


As you are aware we regard ourselves as an Inclusive Nursery and do everything we can to welcome all children into the setting, regardless of any additional requirement they may have.

In December 2014 a child who attends this setting underwent a Kidney transplant due to having renal failure. A transplant is not a cure; it is however the very best treatment option for most people with organ failure. If an outbreak of Measles or Chicken Pox occurs in the nursery the immuno-suppressed child will need to be removed immediately. This is because the immune system is so low and if your child develops Measles or Chicken Pox I am urging you to inform the nursery as soon as possible so I can take precautions immediately. Although I have mentioned Measles and Chicken Pox, any outbreaks of childhood illnesses need to be communicated to me as soon as possible. Outbreaks of sickness and diarrhoea is also important to know about because of the risk of dehydration. I trust you are all aware of the procedures we have in place for sickness and diarrhoea but as a reminder, please ensure you keep your child absent from nursery 48 hours after the last episode.


We have antiseptic gel on the entrance to both areas which I would like ALL adults and children to use on your way in. This will minimise the risk of spreading an infection.


If you have any concerns regarding this letter please do not hesitate to speak to me about it.



Kind Regards,


Melanie Ruffell

Playcentre Nursery Manager