Abi Race will be selling bacon/sausage butties from 9.45am on Sunday before and after the meeting. She is fundraising for her trip to Romania in July. Abi had a wonderful trip last year and fell in love with the people, so when the opportunity arose to go again she jumped at it! There is no set cost for the butties so any donation gratefully received!


Joe Gisbey travels to India this Sunday afternoon and will be returning on Thursday 19th February. He will be visiting the leaders of a very large house church network based around New Delhi, where he will be speaking in a number of churches and visiting projects on behalf of Links International. He will also be travelling to the North Eastern part of India to the city of Shillong, to visit long-time contacts Sanga and Nimri Miller. Here Joe will be visiting their mission centre, speaking in churches and holding an outreach to the village of Langkarcha. Please pray for Joe as he travels, for the family at home and that many people will meet with Jesus and be transformed by the Holy Spirit.


The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Aaron Waim, Chloe Case, Ethan Newman, Reuben Harsant, Jenni Fenlon, Bren Mellor, Harry Jupp and Holly Arkinstall. Happy Birthday everyone!

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Riggs (Garrard) & her husband Adam on the birth of their new baby girl, Vivienne Joy, born on the 3rd February in Nashville, Tennessee. Congratulations also to Stu & Karen Garrard on becoming grandparents for the first time!

Congratulations to Danielle Curtiss who got engaged to Gary Cowper this week.


An update from Macaulay Larbey writing from Mariager Højskole Bible School in Denmark:

“Hi wonderful church,

Firstly I’d just like to say thank you for a great Christmas at home. It was so good to see everybody and be with the church I love most. I’ve settled back in very well, I feel good about being here now. God is doing amazing things with me. I’ve got some health issues at the moment but I’ve got God and I’m trusting him. Sometimes God is more visible when you are in trouble. We are also currently working on a worship EP as a worship team. Please pray for inspiration for writing, motivation to keep going, and for complete healing of sickness. Thank you church. You truly are the best. Don’t forget, keep stepping out of the box. Lets get messy for God!

See you soon! Macaulay”


The following people have asked to become committed members of Arun Community Church:


“‘Banjour’, we’re Tom & Leah Langlois (pronounced, Long-lay). Tom comes from the picturesque Island of Guernsey and I (Leah) comes from Waltham Abbey in Essex. We got married and started our adventure together in July 2014, and joined ACC last September after moving to Littlehampton.

A year ago we had no idea where we’d be. But then I received an offer from the University of Chichester, we were praying for a job for Tom and we were looking for a house. In the unknown, God’s faithfulness, provision and perfect timing overwhelmed us. Now, Tom teaches 30 little people in Year 2 at St. Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, not far from our house, and I’m training to be a primary teacher too.

I grew up in a Catholic church with my mum and sister, then we moved to an Assemblies of God church when I was 8. I quickly made the decision to become a Christian, then at 15 I was baptised. When I was 18 I was accepted onto the Soul Survivor leadership course. When serving at Momentum 2012 that summer, Tom and I first met! Tom also grew up a Christian and always attended church with his family, being baptised in the sea at 20.

We are both fiercely passionate about worship and people. Simply put!

Having settled so quickly into the church family, and made such wonderful friends, we wanted to commit to the church fully until God calls us elsewhere.

‘A La Perchoine’ (till the next time)!”


margaret and pete 2015Margaret & Peter Beech. “We became Christians following our children attending a holiday Bible club run by the local Baptist Church. They followed up every family and we agreed to let them come into our home and explain what Christianity was all about. After six months of weekly visits by three very patient and loving Christians we gave our lives to Christ and were baptised together in 1980. 

We have been attending Arun Community Church since we moved to Littlehampton from Surrey nine years ago and think it is about time we committed ourselves as members! We came here on the very first Sunday after we moved in and received such a warm welcome that we did not feel the need to look elsewhere. We have received incredible support through our youngest daughter’s illness four years ago, and more recently Peter’s. 

We have both had to stand down from serving during the last eighteen months but look forward to seeing what God has in store for us at Arun in the future.”