To Parents/Carers,


As we constantly strive to deliver excellent practice, we have decided to develop our provision for our 2 – 5 year olds.

To enable the younger children to gain confidence and learn and practise new skills and to concentrate on developing literacy and mathematics skills for the pre-schoolers, we feel it would be beneficial to divide the room. This will allow us to create a learning area for the 2’s with a separate area for the 3 – 5 year olds. The garden will remain a valued shared learning area where all the children can interact and be planned for together.


This was the discussion at the Parent Forum. It was great to have so much positive feedback and a vision for the future. After the Parent Forum we collated some questions and answers that I would like to share with you-


How will meal times work?

Breakfast, lunch and tea will remain in the same area by the kitchen and snack times will be in the individual areas. Allowing the pre-schoolers to prepare this themselves with the Nursery practitioners


How will the 3+ access the toilets?

We would like to promote independence for the pre-schoolers, so they will be given a ‘toilet card’ and access the toilets through the gate


Will the 3 year olds move areas on their 3rd birthday?

No. They will move areas on the term after their 3rd birthday. This is the same as the 3 and 4 year old Free Entitlement


When will the changes take place?

There will be an INSET DAY where the nursery will be closed to all children on Friday 10th April. Please put this date in your diaries. This will enable us as a team to make the changes. The first day of the change will be Monday 13th April


What will happen with the Key worker groups?

Some of the Key worker groups will remain the same but there will have to be some changes depending on what area the staff are based


Are the age groups allowed to mix?

Yes. The garden will be completely free flow and we would still like to implement big group activities


Will the children be involved in the change?

Yes. We will be asking them for their advice and we will write down any ideas they may have


We are very excited for these changes to take place and would appreciate your feedback. Please take a few minutes to write down your views and opinions on the changes we are implementing – your feedback is very important to us.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Kind Regards,


Melanie Ruffell

Playcentre Nursery Manager