The following people have asked to become committed members of Arun Community Church:

Trudi Owen AMy name is Trudi Owen. I am 49, a widow and single mother of 3 children; Elaine is nearly 21 and Michael is 18, they don’t live at home. Megan is 9 years old and at home with me.

I am a Maths tutor in the Adult Education sector although I also tutor privately on occasion. I made my commitment to Jesus on the 23rd December 2013 and then completed two Alpha Courses. I was baptised at ACC on Mother’s Day, 30th March 2014 and have attended ACC since then.


Nathan Yos AHi, I’m Nathan Yos, and I’ve been coming to ACC for a number of months now, and would like to become a member. I am 24 years old, and really enjoy the worship and the presence of God here. God is doing things in my life, I am aware of the presence of God, and I love the freedom here to worship Him. The peace that I experience during the times of prayer is a real joy to me and those who support me.

I have been brought up a Christian, and live at home with my mum. My mum goes to St Margaret’s Community Church, but I like coming here.

My Mum, Jane (nee Stilwell), says you are welcome to pray for me to be healed (e.g. that I will be able to speak) as she is believing for a miracle in God’s timing. I was dedicated to the Lord on the beach in East Preston in 1990 and many from ACC came. Then I attended St Margaret’s Church Angmering until I was about 14. My mum baptised me in the bath on 18th January 2013 as I love Jesus but she believes I would be too distressed to be baptised in the normal way. I started coming to ACC in February 2014 with Cookie Knowles and Roberto Agrela and I really enjoy it.

Cookie says he and Roberto will be supporting me at church, so please come and say ‘hi’. I love having my back rubbed and playing finger games with people I meet. I don’t talk much but am good at letting you know what I like and what I want.


Tuckers AHello! We are Kristian & Pippa Tucker, and we are so excited to become members of ACC. We began our married life in Manchester in 2008, working for The Message Trust and Ivy Manchester, then moved to Littlehampton in 2011 to live closer to our family, and live the dream of a sea-side life!

Kristian works in Brighton for an email marketing company, and Pippa has just finished a degree in Fine Art at Chichester University.

We love being part of a church family that values and grows relationships, both with God and each other, and are so grateful for the way ACC has welcomed and accepted us in the year that we have been coming along. Thanks for being such a loving, vibrant and committed community – here’s to more great times ahead!